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Exhibition Design


The design followed on from the previous years succesful design whilst enabling HTC to shift the focus onto its new VIVE Cosmos product launch.

Craig Sherwood

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National Rail

Creating a showcase stand to preview its new range of aircraft seating and cabin solutions soon to reach the market this stand had to be clean, acknowledge green thinking and provide a VIP experience throughout.

Craig Sherwood

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Brand Activation


Made+ wanted to create a breakout space in London for people in the local area (Shoredich) to come and ‘Work From Home’, allowing Made+ to showcase its furniture in a fun and interesting way without the competition found at Exhibitions. The Space also included a Dining Area. Hospitality Bar, Cinema room and toilets for those that wanted to stay for longer.

Craig Sherwood
Brand Activation 


A disruptive and intelligent activation for BackMeUp where a gallery space was turned into a store where all the products are stolen (purchased from Police Auctions). It was designed to highlight the wide variety of items that are targeted by theifs, and how to insure against it. The store made national papers and was a big success. 

Craig Sherwood

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